10 Highest Paying Jobs For Lazy People

9. Professional Cuddler

9. Professional Cuddler

Here’s another job that will let you stay in bed all day, as long you don’t mind some company. Thanks to apps like Cuddlr and Cuddle Comfort (think Tinder strictly for snuggle bunnies), careers in professional cuddling are on the rise. Cuddling services are currently available in 16 states. Professional cuddlers are charging up to $80 per hour and as much as $300 for an overnight session. As of now, no specific training or licensing is required for the position. All you need is a passion for spooning, squeezing and tickling complete strangers.

8. Teach English in China


Teaching is another high-paying, cushy job available to foreigners in China. There is such a high demand for English-speaking teachers in China that hiring standards are incredibly low. Many schools are more than willing to overlook a candidate’s prior experience – or lack thereof. Teachers are often hired, even without a relevant degree, certification or teaching experience, simply because they speak English. What’s more, teachers make good money in China and they can work as much or as little as they like. Foreign instructors make at least three times more than highly-educated local Chinese teachers working in the same schools.


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