10 Highest Paying Jobs For Lazy People

7. Hotel Sleep Tester


Finally, there’s a job that actually encourages you to sleep in. A professional sleep tester is quite literally a dream job. As wacky as it sounds, the job is not as uncommon as you might think. Sleep testers might work directly for a hotel, trying out the accommodations to ensure that guests have a restful stay. A test sleeper might also be employed by a third party, such as a travel website. In that case, testers usually remain anonymous and won’t let on that they are there to access the amenities. Afterwards, they review their experience at a particular hotel, taking things like comfort and cleanliness into consideration.

6. Beer Taster

Beer Taster

Not only can you drink on the job, you’ll get paid to do it if you’re a professional beer taster. That said, it involves more than simply tipping back a brew and saying whether it’s good or not. Professional beer testers must have a discerning palette and be able to identify a beer’s unique texture. For example, they need to know whether it’s malty or hoppy, pale versus thick, etc. A degree isn’t mandatory, but there are many online companies offering courses and certification in craft beer technology. Testers usually receive on-the-job training, typically at a brewery.


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