10 Highest Paying Jobs For Lazy People

3. Computer Programmer

3. Computer Programmer

Experts say the work is pretty easy, providing you’re good at it. The key to being an efficient programmer is to write as little code as possible. In this profession, doing less is the very nature of the job. On top of a sweet paycheck, working from home might be another perk of computer programming. If you’re smart but work-shy, you could be the perfect candidate for a job at Microsoft. Co-founder Bill Gates is a big proponent of taking the easy way out. He has often quoted Hlade’s Law to echo his own opinion on the subject: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it.”

2. Movie Extra


Some of the extras you see on film sets are legitimate actors hoping for their big break, but others are in it for the quick cash. Non-union movie extras can earn up to about $100 per day, but rates vary depending on the type of production. If you’re a member of the Screen Actors Guild, you can earn a minimum of $150 per day. SAG extras are also entitled to substantial overtime pay. If a workday lasts longer than the standard eight hours, extras receive time and a half or double pay. In addition, SAG members often get extra money if they bring their own props, clothing and vehicles for use in the film.


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