10 Romantic Things Every Couple Must Do On Their Honeymoon

#6. Find some ‘me’ time

Marriage doesn’t mean that you two have to be together all the time. Simply being in each other’s company while doing your own thing, also helps the couples to define their individual space in a relationship. So, indulge in that ‘me’ time, by doing something you love.

#7. Relax together with couple’s spa

Honeymoon is all about relaxing. All that sightseeing can be compensated by relaxing in a good spa session. So, indulge in a relaxing body and mind therapy, by the way of spa.

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#8. Capture the candid moments

It will be fun to capture your partner off-guard by clicking away some candid shots. Click your partner’s photograph when they are eating or sleeping or laughing at your jokes. These pictures will make memories that you will cherish forever.

#9.Time to get adventurous


Indulge in some activity that will generate that an adrenaline rush within you. If you have fear of heights get into bungee jumping, or go for some deep sea scuba diving or snorkelling. You can also try some adventurous activities such as biking, trekking, river rafting, etc. This will also help you to see how supportive and caring your partner is.

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#10. Enjoy loads of intimacy

Although, a tad bit obvious, but yes this will break all sorts of barriers in your relationship. It will also make you cautious about each other’s comfort level. So, no matter how tired you are, do not forget to find time for some action in the bed.

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Let your relationship scale new heights with this list of exciting things that you must do on your honeymoon. These things will give you loads of happy memories that you can cherish forever.

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