10 Things Women Should Not Expect From Men

4. Meeting For No Apparent Reason


Given that sometimes you go through tough times and we are all there for you in the time of need. But do not make a habit of it because our job is not a personal fiefdom.

5. Not Watching Porn


We love you, we really do. But as they say…men will be men!

6. Waiting At Restaurants Or While Shopping Or…Anywhere!


Oh God! Don’t we all just hate waiting? Then why is it that women think it’s a man’s birthright to wait for his sweetheart? It’s irritating and a total buzzkill.

7. Manning The Wheels All The Time


Women Empowerment…Yay!!

Now please drive…Please! Please! Please!

8. To Understand The Complex ‘Being Sad’ Signs Over Facebook/Whatsapp

Understanding women is tough, and to do that over Whatsapp or Facebook , impossible. Game, Set and Match…right there!!

9. Watch Chick Movies


We are not saying that they are bad.

It’s just that GoT has it all..

Or this…

And this!

10. To Be The Dominant Ones In The Relationship


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