17 Movies You Should Watch To Cheer You Up After A Break Up

9. The Break-Up


This comedy sure will have you in splits from the tears in an instant when you see these two bickering their throats out! 😀

10. Magic Mike


To heck with the story, it has Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum dancing! DANCING!

11. Breaking Up


This movie is the closest to depicting a real break-up. You may laugh or cry, and also feel mighty awful. But the movie is such an eye-opener on relationships that it’s an absolute must for everyone to watch it.

12. He’s Just Not That Into You


Relationships are hard, and you’re not alone. Everyone is making mistakes, cut yourself some slack. 🙂

13. The Holiday


Two girls who have recently broken up and have crossed out love for themselves, exchange houses and find that the love isn’t what they thought it would be.

14. Legally Blonde


She get’s broken up with and she ends up in Harvard. Now that’s something, right? 😛

15. John Tucker Must Die


This is a typical teenage High School movie which has three vengeful girls taking it out on the guy who broke their hearts.

16. The Wedding Singer


The Wedding Singer Is all about a guy finding out about a different life he could have had just because he get’s left at the altar. So, breaking up may actually end up bringing you the happiness you hadn’t dreamed of before.

17. Amelie


This may not be a fit the breakup movie category by definition, but it teaches you an important life lesson. Being alone and being lonely are two very different things, and this movie teaches you to feel the joy of being alone while enjoying your own company.

Did you like these? Let us know in the comment section. 🙂

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