30 Amazing Things to Do On a First Date

4. Make Out

Okay, so it may be hard to pitch this idea, but lots of people meet up under false pretenses and then just make out the whole time. Think of clever excuses, like “I’m in CPR class, wanna see?” or “Hey, do my teeth taste funny to you?” From there, let the magic ensue.

5. Go Biking

Exercise stimulates the body and mind, and being with someone who cares about physical fitness is an admitted turn-on for most people. Going for a bike ride is an easy way to incorporate walk-in-the-park with hour-on-the-treadmill. Plus, it is a seamless way to suggest a shower together afterwards. (You know… just for convenience and to save time.)

6. Cook A Homemade Dinner for Two

While this may not be entirely free, it is something that could likely be done using ingredients you already have in your pantry. Who doesn’t love pasta and wine? Fortunately, Kraft Mac & Cheese is in the pasta family, and wine in a box only costs three dollars.

7. Attend a Community Concert

You won’t be able to see Rihanna or Jay-Z, but lots of communities offer free concerts in the park on a weekly basis. There’s no shame in seeing a Jay and the Americans tribute band, or a solo concert by one of the original Pips. Music is music, and free music is awesome.

8. Go to the Museum

Many museums offer free days once a week or month. Even more museums only ask for “suggested donations.” Remember, a suggestion is just that. Sure, the museum may be incredibly expensive to run and filled with tons of awesome artifacts and exhibits, but that doesn’t matter when you’re broke and looking for love.

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