30 Amazing Things to Do On a First Date

13. Apply for Studio Audience Tickets

Studio Audience Tickets
Few people know this, but all studio audience tickets are completely free. The downside is that they often require being put on a ten-year waiting list, but hope is not entirely lost; many shows will offer a small amount of rush tickets available to people willing to wait in line on the day of the show. While you may not be able to get in to see Conan or Saturday Night Live, you may have very good chances of seeing an episode of Judge Joe Brown or Divorce Court.

14. Go Dancing/Clubbing

So dancing is a cheap and easy way to have a good time. The only problem is that most people prefer to dance after drinking, which can be an expensive pastime. Problem SOLVED; be incredibly charming. Make conversation with as many people as you can. Get them to buy you a drink in exchange for you getting the next round. RUN AWAY BEFORE THE NEXT ROUND.

15. Admire Urban Architecture

Paris Window View_full
This is pretty much a glorified way of saying “go look at tall buildings.” Still, looking at tall buildings can be fun, and their phallic nature can spark a subconscious fire for later.

16. Go to a Historical Attraction

elephanta caves5
If you live in big cities, this can be easy. Otherwise, it is challenging, but not impossible. While historical monuments like the Statue of Liberty, Gettysburg, and the Washington Monument usually steal the spotlight, smaller monuments like the birth home of Freddie Mercury, the tomb of Gary Coleman, and the world’s largest ball of twine are options worth considering, too.

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