30 Amazing Things to Do On a First Date

17. Hit Up a Parade

Thanksgiving morning is the biggest date morning of the year (probably). What better way to celebrate than by taking a date to a parade? Whether it is for Thanksgiving, the 4th of July or a policeman’s funeral, free parades are everywhere and should be taken advantage of by everybody.

18. Attend a Trial Yoga Class

Put the body and mind at ease, AND get nice and limber just in case. Just don’t sign anything saying you’ll be back.

19. Play Cards/Checkers

A competitive (but fun) game of cards/checkers can be a great way to get to know somebody. It allows you to see how they lie, see how they celebrate, and most of all, see how they like to bet.

20. Attend a Barbeque

Throwing a barbeque can be an expensive endeavor, but heading to your neighbors’ house can be done for next to nothing. Simply go into the pantry, take out a 6-pack, some buns, a packet of dressing mix or anything else that could have some practical value at a barbeque and then invite your date for good times and grilled meat.

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