30 Amazing Things to Do On a First Date

21. Have a Picnic

An easy way to split the cost with your date is to suggest a picnic. You say “I’ll pick the place, and bring the blanket and utensils, you bring all the food and stuff from the store.” If they go along with it, it was meant to be.

22. Stargaze

Looking at the stars is like watching a million sunsets, if each sunset were one millionth as good. Nevertheless, looking up to the sky on a clear night can be peaceful, relaxing, and a good conversation starter. On a cloudy night, this activity is remarkably lame.

23. Volunteer for a Local Organization

Nothing is more attractive than someone who cares about their fellow man, which is why making the bold choice to build houses for the poor or give food to the homeless not only makes you an awesome person, it also makes your date feel like a terrible person. An easy way to get a leg up and assert dominance early on in the relationship, playing the volunteer card assures that you look like a model American without spending a dime.

24. Have Sex

We really don’t know how this got all the way down to number 24, but if you can pull it off, do it. It’s free, and better than anything that costs money, though it may do a number on your self esteem if there is no second date.

25. Watch a Television Show

Lots of couples that watch TV together, stay together. Common interests are important, and nothing is more interesting than TV. DVR your favorite shows and see if you laugh and cry at the same moments. If you do, then it’s meant to be.

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