30 Amazing Things to Do On a First Date

26. Watch a Televised Sporting Event


The way this works is simple; say that your boss has extra tickets to the (whatever) game. Ask if the person would like to go. THEN, at the last minute, say your boss is a jerk who cancelled, but we can still watch the game at home. It will put you in a private place of sharing a common hatred of your boss early on, which is a good thing.

27. Engage in Gardening Activities

Girls with a green thumb need a guy with a shovel, and guys with a green thumb need a girl to make them look straight. Gardening is a win/win scenario no matter who suggests it.

28. Have a Jam Session

This works best for those who have musical skill, but it shouldn’t be reserved for only those individuals. Pick up an instrument and take turns playing music. Worst-case scenario, it is a fun time. Best-case scenario, you start a band.

29. Swap Personal Horror Stories

Inspired by Lethal Weapon, sometimes the best way to get to know someone is to compare scars. These scars can be physical or emotional, but getting it all out early helps to determine whether or not the relationship is worth pursuing. If it is, then you can have some crazy 1980’s cop sex. If not, then you haven’t spent a dime, and you can scratch one more candidate off the list.

30. Bake Cookies

Once again, this is a win/win scenario. Doing an activity together helps to determine whether or not you have compatible communication styles. Making cookies together ensures that you have cookies. Even if this ends poorly, it should still end pretty well.


Although the first date should probably be spent in a restaurant or movie theatre, many of these ideas are not bad for the second, third, or nineteenth date. The reality is that couples don’t have the time or money to treat every date like the first, but that shouldn’t stop them from staying creative and doing fun things throughout their relationship.

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