8 Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Raw salads

garbanzo raw kale salad

Eat at least one raw salads per day [preferably organic & make it colourful!]. It is important to eat some raw vegetables daily because they contain valuable digestive enzymes that improve your digestion and release a great deal of nutrients for you and your baby.

Salad ingredients may include raw vegetables, fruit (dried too but not covered in sugar or processed with syrup), nuts, edible flowers, herbs and of course awesome dressings made with raw apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice (please don’t buy the preserved bottled ones from the supermarket…), healthy oils (i.e. extra virgin olive oil), mustard, raw honey and beautiful spices. Just leave your imagination run wild and check out the following Pinterest board for more juicy ideas.

Small, wild fish(For Non-Veg)

Eat small wild fish only when you are pregnant – two meals per week is great. Make sure you avoid big fish, such as tuna because they are inevitably contaminated with too much mercury, other heavy metals and of course industrial toxins from the oceans. On the other hand, small wild fish are full of healthy, essential fats with the lowest possible traces of the above contaminants you can find in marine animals. Do insist on wild, sustainably caught fish because studies show that farmed fish contain many times more toxies than wild animals, thanks to the low quality feed.

Emergency snacks

You will need emergency snacks; guaranteed. Whether you are on holidays (this is when I realized just how important they are) or are having a long day at work, make sure you keep something healthy near you. This will prevent you from eating junk when you are in the red hunger zone. A piece of fruit, a mix of nuts and seeds, natural (no sugar) yogurt, a small salad are all great ideas.


Few people understand the power of probiotics, when it comes to pregnancy. Keeping the friendly bugs in your tummy happy can reduce pregnancy complications, fight off vaginal infections (which in turn increase the risk for complications) and help you NOT to develop gestational diabetes. Besides we now know that the baby is supported by numerous bacterial communities from the mother´s body, all of which are related to the probiotics mummy eats before and during pregnancy.

Natural probiotic drinks, such as kefir and kombucha or foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi are excellent choices. Alternatively, you can take a good quality supplement.

These 8 tips form the core of my initial advice for all my clients. They really work and will make your life easier, while fully supporting your baby´s health.

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