8 Tips To Give Her The Oral Sex Experience She Will Never Forget

5. Play with positions, but don’t get weirdly creative. If she’s open to suggestions, try lifting her pelvis up or placing a pillow under her butt.

6. Move ahead like a crescendo. You need to build up a pace and go up from there. The speed, pressure and the motion of the tongue go hand in hand. While some women prefer side-to-side motions, some might find extreme pleasure in the up-and-down rhythm. Try mimicking licking an ice cream cone. That’s a great cue!

7. Don’t be shy of using a vibrator. No, it’s definitely not against your male ego. If she enjoys it, you might as well just use it to amplify her experience. If you do this, she’ll only think of you as a sex god.

8. Always remember, your goal is not to get her to climax, it’s to give her a good time. Don’t be so goal-oriented. It’s not an ego-boosting exercise, play it like you are showing her how important she’s to you.

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