Protect Your Eyes From the Harm of Digital Devices With These 4 Tips

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There is a way to protect your eyes and your health without quitting your digital devices (many would rather go blind anyway). If you use a computer or smart device regularly, then consider these simple tips to protect your eyes and make your day a little better overall.

1. Exercise your eyes.

Your mom probably told you that if you crossed your eyes, they would stay that way forever. While your eyes will not stick if you hold them in this position for a short time, they can become atrophied if you never move or flex them, making it difficult to focus on anything closer or farther than your screen.

To avoid this, take a break from your screen at least every 20 minutes and do eye exercises. Simply moving your eyes around, looking at something distant and close, closing and messaging your eyes, and repeating this five to 10 times can give your eyes the exercise they need.

2. Take your eyes on a walk.

Getting outside and exposing yourself to daylight will help synchronize your natural circadian rhythms, which will boost your ability to sleep at night and improve your mood and alertness when the sun is up. More important, it will reconnect you with nature and offer you a chance to tap into your creativity.

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3. Adjust your eyes and your settings.

Take a little time to explore settings on your digital devices. Use a larger font size, increase your screen contrast and reduce brightness until you find a comfortable balance that is easy on you and your eyes. Keep your device screen clean and invest in a glare screen, and alter the distance from your face to force your eyes to focus from different distances.

4. Invest in your eyes.

Many years ago, I was trying on expensive sunglasses at a department store. I had always been in the camp of people who bought cheap sunglasses fully expecting to lose them, so I had no intention of buying anything. After a short chat, the friendly sales associate put expensive sunglasses in perspective for me saying, “It is amazing that people will drop a few hundred dollars on a weekend with friends, but they won’t make that same invest one time to protect the most valuable asset they have — your eyes.”

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