The Fastest Way to Lose Weight, This Diet Takes only 4 Days!

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Women especially are always about how they need to lose so and so amount of weight. For many, it is not sufficient to just lose weight; they need to do it quickly! This diet can help you achieve that; you can lose up to 10 kg in just 4 days!


This diet was developed by James Zeta who believes that the diet encourages people to maintain their weight during vacations and holidays. He also believes that it can help those who need to lose weight urgently achieve that goal.

The Diet

Day One
Grilled chicken breast, do not use fat spice! only add a little bit of salt and rosemary
Skin milk (2 Cups)
One Grapefruit Pill
3 dishes of green salad

Day Two
Canned Tuna (2) and Salmon slice (100g), do not add oil
Eggs (3)
Large dish of green salad (3 plates)
Skin milk (2 cups)
Strawberry (1)

Day Three
Grilled koftas (6)
Skin Milk (2 cups)
Apple (one)
Eggs (two)
Green Salad (3 dishes)

Day Four
Same with Day one

Important Notes

Make sure you drink up to eight glass of water daily during the diet Exercise regularly during the diet, this will help your body burn fat Avoid bread or juices containing sweeteners.



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