Tips To get Smooth And Ageless FACE Naturally

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Every woman would want a beautiful face and seems always fresh every day. With age, the face becomes more easily tangled. To get the facial skin is always fresh, many women are willing to pay more for treatment in the salon. However, maintenance is easy and healthy you can do at home. Reporting from InsightLiker, these tips to get the facial skin smooth and youthful naturally at home.

Boiling Water / Steam

Treatment with steam can help you get the skin clean, smooth, fresh and ageless. Put a boiling water on the upper surface of face. You can also use the steam from cooking rice. Do this regularly in the morning to get the skin smooth and fresh.

Fruit Mask

Fruits contain enough nutrients and vitamins that are good for skin health and beauty. You can apply the mask papaya, yam, banana, lemon and cucumber on your skin. For best results, be sure to use honey or yogurt in the mix the fruit masks.

Baking Soda And Natural Oils

Using a mask in the form of baking soda and a variety of natural oils can help you get skin smooth, fresh, youthful and even much of blackheads and pimples. Use baking soda to the skin, let stand about 10 minutes then rinse. As for the mask natural oils, you can use olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil on your face.


Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Plain water is not only good to drink. Ensure wash your face with water at least once completed in a day. Water helps the skin remain moist, smooth, beautiful and young.


Sport is not only important for the health of the body, but it was also very good in keeping the beauty of the face. With regular exercise, dirt causes acne prone skin and can get out matted with sweat. Sports in the morning can also help you become more relaxed body and mind fresh. This is allegedly able to help skin stay young, fresh and beautiful.

Those are some tips to get a smooth and ageless face naturally. Make sure also that you are adopting a healthy lifestyle. How Ladies, tips are fairly easy to do at home?




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