Can You Possibly Burn 200 Calories In Under 4 Mins?

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At first it seems impossible. But when the theory is put forward by one of the experts on the subject, it psychologically brings in the rays of possibility in the idea.

To be specific, it was Jim Sarete, one of the popular American wellness mentors who structured the technique for quick weight reduction for the individuals who generally don’t have time for exercising.

Can You Possibly Burn 200 Calories In Under 4 Mins?
We all know that spending time exercising or by occupying yourself on some physical activity will help you lose weight but this regime is precisely talking about methods that will consume less time. When we run we only lose 150 calories every hour, but these particular activities permit blazing 100 calories in only 4 minutes. Here is, how you will have to do it.

– Jump 10 times with hands outstretched.
– Do squats for 10 times.
– Push-ups: Repeat them 10 times. If you cannot do them on the floor do them against the wall.
– Stepping: Repeat 10 times for each leg.

The beauty of this set of exercises is that you can do it every time and anywhere. Moreover, you can also repeat all the exercises four times in row. Use small brake around 1 minute between repetitions. You can convert this mini mix of exercises into a 20 minute workout as well.

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