Natural Treatment For Breast Cysts

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Breast cysts is a disease that plagues many women, especially the middle age ones. Although most of the breast cysts are benign, they are uncomfortable and often painful. This phenomenon is very common, and experts say that often these cysts are a result of a stressful life. Women who have problems with cysts should avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages and also they need to get enough vitamins and have regulated digestion. It is also important to take supplements of vitamin D and eat a lot of cabbage and broccoli. Considering that the breast cysts are mostly harmless, most doctors do not recommend their removal, so many women are turning to the natural removal, with the help of herbs.

These are the herb that can help you remove your breast cysts in a natural way:

Mixed tea

In equal parts mix mint, elderberries, mistletoe, calendula and yarrow, and then cook them as usual. These plants strongly affect the immune system, they prevent tumor growth and reduce inflammation. If you want you can add Alchemilla Vulgaris to this mixture. Alchemilla Vulgaris is a plant that cures all women’s diseases. The therapy with this tea is slow but extremely effective. It is necessary to drink a liter of this tea per day for six months, and it is very important that you eat light food and remove dairy products and alcohol from your diet. Along this tea it is advisable to take drops of mistletoe, sage, yarrow and lemon balm in order to calm your body.


Houseleek is one of the most amazing plants. This plant is used in the treatment of a large number of diseases. This houseleek mixture is recommended for the treatment of breast cysts, but it can also help you with ovaries and kidney cysts.

Pick 300 grams houseleek leaves, wash them nicely and grind them in a blender. After that mix them with 300 grams of natural honey, we recommend that you use a chestnut honey. Stir well the mixture and put it in a glass jar. The mixture should be stored in a refrigerator for 7 days, but you need to stir it occasionally. After 7 days, you should take one teaspoon of the mixture three times a day, every day. Take the first spoon in the morning, on an empty stomach, the second during the day between the meals and take the third spoon before going to bed. Repeat the procedure every day for several weeks. Many women claim that this remedy help them.

Wheat juice

Take fresh green wheat leaves, grind them and squeeze their juice. Pour the juice in an ice cube containers and freeze it. Once the juice is frozen, take one cube and put it in a glass with water. Let the cube melt, and then drink it. It is best if you take this remedy in the morning. You should drink this remedy for 72 days so it is necessary that you have 72 cubes. This drug melts the cysts, thanks to the large number of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that are found in the wheat. It can also help you with the removal of kidney and ovary cysts. This juice is also good for other organs.

Breast Cream

This breast cream is made from calendula, lavender, cypress, roses, propolis and little Klamath weed or mint. People who are allergic to propolis can throw him out of the ingredients. Using this cream you need to massage your breasts once a day. Star the massage from the lower part of the breast and move toward the armpit. In this way you will clean your breast from toxins. Women who are under extreme stress, can boost the therapy with valerian base drops.

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