Here Is How To Provide First Aid If Someone Suffers A Heart Stroke (Video)

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The extremely high temperatures, especially in summer days, carry an increased risk of a heat stroke. We present you a video that will teach you how to provide first aid to someone who suffers a heat stroke.

The heat stroke can be life threatening

The heat stroke is an urgent and life-threatening condition. Victims who suffer a heat stroke are often in an unconscious condition. They have already crossed all the lighter stages of heat illness starting with nausea and profuse sweating, to heat cramps and heat exhaustion with vomiting. Heat stroke is the final stage, which occurs when the sweating stops, therefore the life-threatening dehydration starts along with the altered mental status (unconsciousness).

Proper first aid in this case is very important and can save the life of the victim. In the following video the paramedic instructor from North Carolina, USA, will present you a few simple steps that will help the victims suffering from a heat stroke.

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