How should I convince him to commit?

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Question: I am in love with one of my friends and have also expressed my feelings to him many a times. But, he is not moving ahead with this relationship as his family is not supporting this alliance. At the same time, he’s busy with his higher education and also told me that he’s still into his ex. While he also confesses to liking me and shares sexual conversations with me through video chats and messages, but he doesn’t commit to the relationship. How should I convince him to do so? – By Anonymous

Answer by Dr Seema Hingorrany: Looks like this man is committed to only his thoughts, and his thoughts are very clear that he wants to pursue his education. Well, he has ample excuses not to get committed to you, and the best one is about his ex, I bet he has moved on from her too. Rather than wasting your time on Mr Time Pass, please focus on yourself and your career, love a man who loves you back. Till then, I should see you hiking, trekking and snorkeling, not only these activities are therapeutic, but they will also bring a sea change in your personality. So, start convincing yourself to change your track and I am sure you will write back saying thank you with a big smile.

– Dr Seema Hingorrany is a Clinical Psychologist and Author

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