How to Convince Your Parents of Your Intercaste Love

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Marriage is an important thing in your life.It is a trustworthy institute and everyone has right to choose their soulmate without any reference to cast,creed or color.
1. Find the correct moment to talk to your parents. Avoid situations when they are tensed or irritated.
2. Try and explain to your parents why you love your boyfriend/girlfriend. List out the reasons why you love them and what are the things that made you fall for them in the first place, even though it may sound like a business proposal.
3. Search for marriages in your family which are inter-caste or unconventional and were successful and use them as examples to prove your point.
4. Get some people like your married cousins to support you when talking about your marriage.
5. Ask them to meet your future partner and then decide without any pressure,also ask them to not to be biased.
6. Try to keep your parents away from relatives or people who are against inter-caste marriage.
7. Tell them that marriage is all about a little bit of compromise and sacrifice and that the two of you don’t have any problem in doing the same. No marriage is without compromise.
8. Never pressure them by saying that you will move out with your partner. This would create more hatred towards your relationship.
9. Try to get at least one of your parents on your side. But try not to cause a rift between them on this topic since they will attribute that to you and your boyfriend/girlfriend.
10. Do not beg or plead. Try doing it with dignity. And do not get into fights or yelling matches with them on this topic since it will make you seem immature and unworthy of their consideration of your love.
11. If nothing else works, tell them firmly and politely that this is the person you have chosen for yourself and they should try and accept it because at the end of the day it is your life that is at stake.

Tip: It helps if your parents are already familiar with the person you’re in love with and have a good impression of them. If not, try and get them to meet the guy/girl at least once in an informal setting before you tell them about your wish to get married.

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