Dear Ex Boyfriend, I am OKAY & I Hope You are Too

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Dear Ex Boyfriend,

Hope you’re doing well. It’s been forever since we spoke. I don’t know if you are happy or not, but I really hope that you are. I have been meaning to write to you for a very long time now, just to know if you still smile the way you used to and crack those jokes that always cracked me up. I loved how we shared those cute personal jokes and no one would have a single clue behind the reason for our crazy bursts of laughter. Ah! Those days!
I just wanted to let you know that I am fine. Sure I wasn’t initially, and there were times when I would miss you terribly. Then there were times I would get angry with you because you were no longer there in my life. But you know what, that is the past. It doesn’t happen anymore. Now, if and when I think of you, I just smile, reminiscing the beautiful days we spent with each other.

We were kids when we met. You were my first love after all. We giggled like kids and behaved like them as well. We had no responsibilities, no crazy ambitions but to love each other. I never did question whether we were in love or not, because I know for a fact we were. But you know what; even though we are not together I know one thing for sure, just because I found such beautiful love once,doesn’t mean I won’t find it all over again. I am more grown up now and understand love a little better, all thanks to you. I still giggle like a teenage girl, but the reasons are more mature.

You know people get depressed because of heartbreak, many want to end their lives, many lose hope, but with me it has just been the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I went through all those sad days, when our relationship ended, but right now I am nothing short of euphoric and full of hope. I am hopeful that such love exists in such a beautiful form and it is going to find me soon.

I remember the times we laughed together and cried together, I remember the times we loved each other and hated each other. I remember everything about you, not because I am still in love with you, but because you were a beautiful part of my life and you are going to be a cherished and beautiful memory.
Just know one thing, that even after I have a boyfriend, fiancé, a husband, kids, family and a thousand more people in my life to love, there will be a small corner of my heart, somewhere between those veins and arteries, which will belong to you forever.

Young woman in white dress walking alone on the beach Young woman in white dress walking alone on the beach

I hope, one day when we have grey hair, wrinkles frame our faces and we are have grandkids begging us for ice cream, we bump into each other and share our stories, because I would love to hear yours.

Have a nice life.
The girl who once was your life.



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