20 Things Men Want Women to Do in a Relationship

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While men complain that women are complicated, we know at times nothing is harder than getting inside your guy’s mind and getting him to share his feelings. We made the job easy for you with our list of top 20 things that men wish women knew about them. Take cue and surprise your man.

Let men be men: Guy bonding is as important as your girl nights out. So the next time he says he wants to hang out with the boys, let him. Chances are he’ll be back de-stressed and in a great mood to listen.

Group Of Male Friends Meeting In Café Restaurant

Group Of Male Friends Meeting In Café Restaurant

Surprise him instead: While it’s great to be surprised, once in a while take a break from the traditional and surprise him. Pick up hints from everyday conversations and surprise him with the one thing he really wants.



Cook a meal: Whoever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach was bang on. Cook your guy a delicious meal every once in a while and score yourself some brownie points.

Watch sports: Think of it as taking interest in something that he is passionate about. Be a part of the cricket or football match he is watching and root for his team. Totally worth it!

Portrait of young soccer fans during the match

Portrait of young soccer fans during the match

Don’t leave him in the dark: While playing hard to get works at times, in a relationship it is best to express yourself honestly. It helps to work as a couple, and if he is not okay with what you really want then its best to know it and move on.

Problems in bed

Problems in bed




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