When that person is not the same that once knew.

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Being happy means having experienced much sadness too. In fact, it is not possible to experience real happiness unless you understand what it means to feel miserable. Know happiness means to know only one side of the coin, while knowing sadness means getting a new appreciation of this reality.

Knowing how low you can go makes you get higher when you’re on top of your mountain. And the best way to understand the ups and downs of life is to know what it means to be in love.

Understanding Love means understanding what can cause you like can make you feel and how it changes people forever. Love consume your life and inevitably becomes the decisive factor in living a great or miserable.

One can not love without feeling the pain that must accompany it. When you think about love and what it means to love someone, probably only consider good emotions, ignoring everything bad. We like to imagine love as the summit of happiness, but love is not that.

Love is not just the beautiful feelings we experience, but also constitutes bad feelings. Is the full experience: it is amazing and awful at the same time making love to be one of the most exciting experiences; and it is this which makes it an experience that will make you feel alive.

You can not, nor should you try to avoid the sadness that brings love. There is always some kind of loss associated when you love someone. Do not want to own them, but they merge with them, become part of another; and because you can never really become one, always feel that there are some of them do not really know.

There is always the possibility of losing, if not now, then at some point in the future. In fact, it is guaranteed that at some point lose because death has a bad habit of separating those who love them.



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