Secrets Your Wife Will Never Tell You

What Happened At Her Bachelorette

You may think your bachelor party was the most scandalous thing ever. Wait till you hear what happened at her hen night. She’d never tell you that she really let her hair down and got nasty. The pre-wedding mayhem is a territory she’d never let the conversations flow into. The next time you’re with her friends, mention her bachelorette party and notice the sly grins and smirks she exchanges with her friends. You’d know what we mean.

She Craves Sex Too

Does the whole word treat you like a sex maniac? We hear you. What the world doesn’t know is that women are equal freaks, especially married women. Various studies suggest that married women crave a passionate sex life as much as their spouses. She knows how much you want it and will use it to her advantage. Making you do the dishes before you can get in her pants is one such tactic. But the truth is, deep down (literally), she wants you really badly but will never say it.

That She Faked It

Women have a reputation of faking orgasms, the world knows. Women think telling us they didn’t enjoy sex will shatter our self-esteem, which is why they will never accept that they fake orgasms. In fact, they’re so used to it that they’ve probably forgotten what a real one feels like! While it is not very difficult to spot a fake orgasm from a real one, some women are really good actors. If she’s too inanimate and the ecstasy isn’t reaching her eyes, she’s faking it! Yes, the one that makes her bring down the ceiling with loud shrieks could be fake too. The only way to know if it’s real is yet to be discovered, sorry!

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