How To Maintain Enduring And Satisfying Sexual Health?

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We have probably heard this before: Sex is great for you! Regular sex can increase your immunity, relieve stress and trigger release of chemicals that can improve your mood. There are various factors that can affect your sex drive, like menopause. However, here are a few tips to maintain a healthy and a long lasting sex life.

Tips to Maintain a healthy sex life:

1. Quit smoking: It’s scientifically been proven that smoking can clog blood vessels in the penis. It’s also really bad for your lungs! For a good sex drive, smoking should be absolutely avoided.

2. Get on track with your medication: Several medications to treat blood pressure, heart disease, depression and more can lead to erection problems and diminished sex drive. Get on the internet and check if they are safe or if they are affecting your sex drive. If yes, consult your doctor get a different medication.

3. For women, practice kegal exercises: Most doctors recommend this exercise post pregnancy or when you have urinary problems. These exercises can also strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle, essential for orgasm. Work about 20 contractions three times a day.

4. For men, consume gingko biloba supplements: This herb promotes blood flow, to the brain and the other organs. However, make sure you consult your doctor to ensure it’s safe for you.

5. Have pesto: Pesto contains pine nuts, great sources of arginine, the precursor for nitric oxide, a main ingredient in drugs like Viagra. This helps open blood vessels improving blood flow. So, make pesto and serve it over pasta tonight.

6. Consume Wheat germ: You could sprinkle one tablespoon of wheat germ on a cup of yogurt or cereal. Wheat germ is a rich source of zinc which is very important in the production of testosterone. The other foods rich in zinc are beef, eggs and oysters!

You could also watch movies together, create intimate rituals, plan a great vacation to maintain a healthy sex life.

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