The 7 Advantages of Network Marketing

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Network marketing is a good way to distribute and sell your products. Virtually everyone is rewarded. The distributor earns a profit by selling the products in consumer’s prices. The company earns also as their products are sold. The consumers who patronize the products benefit from the properties of the products themselves.
Whether the product is about fashion, accessories, cosmetics and health, network marketing can be very rewarding.

The 7 advantages of network marketing include:

1. Flexibility of time. In network marketing, you do not have to report at any specific time every day. It is your call, actually. You can earn money by selling the products of the company to which you become a distributor. You can do the selling at anytime and anywhere.
Most people who engage in multi-level marketing turn to their friends, family, relatives and acquaintances for their first 500 clients and prospect down lines.
Moreover, by being in control of your schedule, you can devote sufficient time with your family particularly with your children.

2. More freedom. Imagine having no boss to whom you are accountable. With network marketing, you do not have to adjust to anyone or to anything. You become your own boss. You make your own network. It is you who decide when to work and how much to earn.

3. High chances at success. Many people become millionaires with network marketing. With determination, discipline, training and the right attitude, you too can earn six figures. Of course, it takes more than these to become a millionaire. You have to work for it to the top.

4. Free training. It is one common feature of multi-level marketing. Before you begin selling to people, you are given free training on the product specification and marketing plan. It is at this stage when you learn about the benefits of the products, and make them attractive to consumers.
The training on the marketing plan is how you earn money from selling. It discusses about the ways to earn commission both outright and monthly from the company, which comes normally in checks.

5. Easy Business plan. The marketing plan of multi-level company does not require special skills or courses to understand and follow. In addition, there is no need for extensive advertising because distributors use their mouth to promote the products. There are also brochures, pamphlets and other publications to explain the benefits of the products.

6. Work at home. If you have access to the internet at home, have a fax machine and telephone, you can do network marketing. Many people find these tools to be very effective. They are able to talk on the phone with their prospects, send the product brochure by fax or by internet.

7. Easy to run. In network marketing, the company saves a lot of money because there is no need to hire several employees to run the office. Many companies have a maximum of three employees to make the office branch running smooth. It allows savings on overhead expenses and office maintenance.

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