The 10 Best Ways To Make Money In College

8. Donating Plasma And/Or Sperm


This is a mediocre option for those who don’t have time to get a job. For the men, you can make roughly $100 a trip for donating sperm, but it’s a long process to get the money. If you aren’t clean you aren’t making money. If your sperm doesn’t survive testing, you aren’t making money. The process takes months, so it’s an investment that takes a while. But if you follow through, you could see increasing dividends that could lead to $1,000 a month for numerous visits. For plasma route, you get the money right after donating, but the payout isn’t high and you only have so much to give before you run out. Don’t die of blood loss trying to make an extra buck. It isn’t worth it!

7. Freelance Writing/Blogging


For those going to school for journalism or a related major – this is a great move. Making money blogging is not the easiest, but it is possible if you have the talent for it. There is a Pro Blogger website board, and many others like it, that you can find paid work on. If writing comes naturally and quality articles seep out of you, then you can make a significant amount of money. Possibly even more than with donating sperm! One great thing about making money this way is that you can do it from your room on campus during your free time. Writing gives you the flexibility to balance your busy college schedule and this makes it a great part-time job.


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