The 10 Best Ways To Make Money In College

6. Working As A Bartender

Working As A Bartender

Bartending is cool. Bartenders are cool. Why wouldn’t you want to be cool? In all seriousness, a bartender has the power to serve alcohol to whom they want and when want, according to the law of course. Bartenders can make a lot of money through tips on a busy night, so for those that want to get paid – this is the job. Also if getting laid is important, you’re in luck. This is partially true because of the power aspect behind the position. Finally you’ll meet some cool people, and at the end of the day, bartending will provide you with plenty of stories.

5. Selling Textbooks


This is hustling. If you don’t want to put in a lot of effort, then don’t bother reading this. The most frustrating purchases in college are textbooks. Half the time you don’t even need them, so waiting it out or sharing with a friend would be advice on saving money. Besides saving money, there is also the opportunity to make money. As previously mentioned, college students are lazy. Often times there are students who forget or don’t care enough to sell their textbooks back. Also, students could make more money on their textbooks, but sell it to the wrong place because they don’t know any better. Gaining an understanding on where you can make the most money with old textbooks and then going around and either purchasing the books cheaply or getting them for free can make you a lot of money.


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