The 10 Best Ways To Make Money In College

4. Working As A Tutor


Tutoring might not seem as cool as bartending, but it’s more rewarding. Helping other students learn and do better on tests is something to be proud of. If you start tutoring independently you can make a lot of money, but be careful because, like drugs, it’s a slippery slope. One day you are taking a little extra money to help someone with a problem, the next day you are solving the problem for everyone in that person’s class. Just like doing meth, it’s a horrible decision and you are going to get in trouble. All else aside, being able to make money helping students the right way is all the reason one should need. If that isn’t enough, then know that the students will look up to you if you are doing a good job and make it fun for them.

3. Stripping


Hustling, but in a different kind of way. Stripping isn’t recommended, but for those that feel empowered by it – the male species says go for it! Technically you can make a lot of money per hour at the right time in the right club, but you can also spiral down a slippery slope. Women are often treated poorly because at the end of the day, it’s a business. Some men only see the strippers as the people taking money from their wallets. Male strip clubs are less common, but the same applies to men. You better have a strong sense of self and a love for dancing without your clothes on to be a stripper. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, then stripping is not the move for you.


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