The 10 Best Ways To Make Money In College

2. Working As A Residential Assistant (RA)


Technically you only get paid for the preparation before you start working, but since your work covers your expenses for living, it counts. If you’re smart and don’t love the parents who were going to pay for your room and board, you can make a lot of money off them by collecting that money upfront. Does this make you a bad person? Yes. Will you have time to make up for your sins? Probably. One day when you have schemed everyone down on Wall Street, you can pay your parents back one hundred times. Working as an RA has its perks. It allows you to meet a lot of people, learn about fun campus activities, and you get to boss around the freshman, for whom you’re responsible. Unfortunately, you have to make sure the freshmen isn’t having too much fun and you may not be liked if it’s a common occurrence. An RA is a responsibility, but it’s financially a smart move.

1. Start Your Own Company


This is the best and hardest option. College students often have unfulfilled needs and I’m not just talking about sex. A lot of college students are lazy. People don’t want to get their food, they don’t want to do their laundry, and they don’t want to clean their place. You could do all of it for your desired price! If you succeed you will have done something that only a minuscule percent has in this world, and that is something to be proud of. Even if you fail and the company goes down the toilet in a couple months, starting your own company looks awesome on your resume and will probably get you the job you want outside of college. Try it, you never know.

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