10 Scary Movies Based On Real Life Events

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Ever wonder where some ideas for the most twisted horrors come from? You’ll be surprised to learn that it is not just some disturbed writer, sitting his room surrounded by Mike Myers masks and a backyard full of dead animals. Some of the most terrifying movies ever made were as scary as they are for one simple reason…they are based on true stories!

Have you lost countless nights of sleep after subjecting yourself to a Nightmare on Elm Street, marathon? How would you feel if you knew that Freddy Krueger was based on a real person? There are countless horrific crimes that go unnoticed all over the world. Even paranormal phenomenoms seem to slip under our third dimension radar.

Does our attraction to gore and tragedy make us monsters? Or has Hollywood altered these tales to the point that it becomes entertaining? How else can we enjoy a good old story of crazy cannibals, haunted houses, kidnappings, torture?! Take a look at some of the scariest movies based on real life events in the video above and if you are ever looking for a costume designer/interior decorator…you might want to look into Ed Gein…I hear his work with human skin is to die for!

There are so many scary movies out there that are bone chilling. The only thing that makes a scary movie even more frightening is when it is based on real life events!

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