10 Terrifying Islands You Do Not Want To Visit

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When it comes to fear and horror, people can get their inspiration from a plethora of sources, such as Mother Nature. The places in this video are some of the most terrifying islands in the world and are scary enough to where you won’t want to pay any of them a visit. These islands are not the subject of horror movies or scary stories, they are real life, which probably makes them even more terrifying. Between stories of animals, disease, and chemical invasions, these islands are the subject of horror and science fiction.

First we have Snake Island, located in Ilha de Queimada Grande in Brazil. This island is covered with the deadliest snakes in the world, so the nickname is meant to be literal. Even if you don’t have a fear of snakes, it is best to just keep your distance from this island as you may not be able to escape alive.

In Vancouver, Canada, there is “Dead Man’s Island” as it was used as a small pox quarantine in the 1800’s as well as acted as a large gravesite. If you were sent to Dead Man’s Island while you were ill, chances are you were being sent to the island to die. Keeping the sick and dying away from the living was the only way that they knew how to contain the illnesses and try to save the lives of others.

In Honshu, Japan, there are the Izu Islands. Residents of these islands are forced to wear masks as a way to protect themselves from the toxic fumes from the volcano. Why anyone would want to live on these islands is rather confusing, but the living situations must be convenient. Japan has its fair share of terrifying islands, as Okinawa was the site of the Battle for Okinawa during World War II. The island has also seen one of the largest acts of suicide in human history.

Norfolk Island is located in Australia and served as the south east’s most notorious British penal colony in the late 1800’s. A penal colony is basically used to send prisoners and criminals into exile. Sometimes the treatment of the prisoners was decent, but for the most part, these people were treated roughly and many died in the early days of the colony.

One of the creepiest islands is Seguine Island in Maine in the United States. The island has been haunted by a tale of the lighthouse and a married couple who were driven to commit an ax murder thanks to the effects of cabin fever. Imagine being stuck on an island while a crazy ax murder is chasing you around. That very visual is terrifying by itself.

In New York in the United States, there is Hart Island, which saw its beginnings as a Confederate POW camp. Then it became a quarantine zone, and after a women’s lunatic asylum. Today it stands as the largest tax-funded gravesite in the world.

There are many more terrifying islands in the rest of this video. Do you dare to watch?



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