5 Deadly Planets

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As long as man has looked up into the stars, we have dreamed of space exploration and discovering other worlds around us. The Solar System is but a small patch compared to the vast universe that surrounds us. With so many planets and galaxies in an endless sea of stars and blackness, one has to wonder whether we are alone or if inhabiting other planets will ever be possible. Ever since we have been able to take off in rockets into space, more research than ever has been done on our neighboring planets. NASA has recently released another Mars Rover onto the red planet as a way to research whether Mars would ever be inhabitable as an alternative to Earth. The other planets around us such as Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter have all been studied as well using information that is sent back from satellites that were launched. What information came back was fascinating, and yet disturbing at the same time. In this video are five deadly planets that are good neighbors without own home planet.

Venus is known as Earth’s evil twin, and we wouldn’t survive longer than a second on this planet, as the gravity is 100 times more intense that Earth. Venus is also the hottest planet in our Solar System, so that is two things that could kill us alone should we ever attempt a visit. The clouds of Venus also double as an energy vacuum that sucks infrared energy and trap it onto the planet, making Venus so elevated in temperature.

Mars has been making mainstream news frequently as of late thanks to all of the research that NASA has dedicated to the red planet. Recently, thanks to the Mars Rover, evidence of water has been discovered, which implies that Mars can sustain life, or had supported life at one point. Obama even made statements during press conferences that he hopes to be able to make Mars habitable very soon. There are even people who are competing for a spot to live on Mars, even though it means they may never return to Earth. However, the extreme temperature changes and dust storms that occur on the planet make Mars impossible to live on right now. Temperatures can drop as low as -73 degrees on the planet, and the storms can last for months on end.

On Jupiter, winds go both west and east, and can reach speeds of over 400 miles per hour. If you can manage to get on Jupiter, you won’t survive very long, as the atmosphere is extremely deadly given that 89.8% of the atmosphere is made up of hydrogen and over 10% made up of helium. There has also been a storm brewing on the planet that is several times bigger than Earth.

It is rather stressful to think that Earth could become any of these planets in the next few thousand years, or even an instant. All it takes is a slight shift in the galaxy. To find out what are the rest of the most deadly planets, then keep watching the video and prepare to be enlightened.



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