Amazing Predictions That Actually Became Reality

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Remember when the arrival of the new millennium was supposed to usher in an age of rudimentary technology? Human beings would revert to living as we did before computers, stripped of the luxuries of electricity and running water. “Y2K” spurred pervasive fear that had many would-be post-apocalypse survivors stockpiling years’ worth of canned goods and dry food. The aftermath of the prediction delivered nothing but comical overreaction as computers were unaffected and life went on.

The same happened in 2012 when the world was supposed to end on December 21. Of course, it never happened but that didn’t stop Hollywood from cashing in on an abysmal action movie starring John Cusack. But hey, plenty of people ate it up and the premonition created considerable controversy, with one website even featuring an interactive video displaying the different ways human beings would be decimated on the last day on Earth.
When you boil it down, human beings are suckers for a juicy story full of intrigue, chaos and potential long-term effects. It’s why we’re so enamored with the idea of a post-apocalypse despite living in a relatively stable environment. It’s also why everyone knows who Nostradamus is and his many supposedly accurate predictions. From foreseeing the birth of Hitler, to the September 11 attacks of the World Trade Center, many have credited the French prophet with these predictions based on vague descriptions written over 450 years ago. Why let objective analysis get in the way when we can lose our minds over creepy and spine-chilling predictions? And hey, maybe some of these people are in fact prophets who possess untapped powers. Or maybe we’re reading too much into things and crediting lucky occurrences with prophetic abilities. All we know is that it makes for a good story. And who doesn’t love to speculate about supernatural affairs that may or may not change everything we know about the human race and the world we inhabit.

From a professional athlete predicting the future team he’ll play for at nine years old to a writer mimicking the sinking of the Titanic in his novella released over a decade prior to a random citizen dreaming about the resignation of the Pope and who will replace him, these predictions range from creepy to downright impressive. And if that little preview doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about an octopus named Paul who predicts sporting events with remarkable accuracy? Oh, still not impressed? There’s also a famed movie critic who predicted video streaming in a time when cable television was in its infancy.

The accuracy of these predictions are bound to shock and even make you question whether some people are just lucky, extremely intelligent, or maybe even living proof that life is pre-ordained. And if all that still sounds like hogwash, you’ll at least learn a thing or two along the way. So without any further ado, on with the predictions that shockingly came true…



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