A Cop Picks This Baby Up After Her Dad Dies. When I Saw What He Does, I Burst Into Tears

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When Colorado police officer Nick Struck arrived at the scene of a deadly car crash, he feared the worst. An SUV holding a family of 6 had flipped over off the road, and the father, mother, and four children had all been flung from the vehicle. Nick knew that the father had passed away, but when he saw the children, he knew he had to save them.

When Nick was handed the youngest daughter, he saw the fear in her eyes. So Nick did what he would’ve done if he had to calm his own child from such a traumatic event, he began to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and pointed to the sky away from the accident.

When I watched this story, I couldn’t help, but tear up at the thought of Nick doing everything in his power to make sure this little girl wouldn’t feel any pain amidst the chaos. It goes to show you that anyone has the ability to comfort someone — even when you feel powerless.

What do you think? What would’ve you have done in this situation? We want to hear your thoughts… let us know in the comments below!

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