Real Life Superheroes Who Patrol The Streets

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There is a new movement where real life superheroes actually take to the streets and go on patrol. In San Diego, there is a group called the Xtreme Justice League that was founded in 2006, who wear costumes and masks with the hopes of making their city a safer place. Of course, thanks to laws and such, vigilante justice is commonly frowned upon that could lead to heavy fines and arrests. But citizen patrol groups are completely okay, and growing at a quick pace as the trend catches on. People have a chance to do some good for their community while wearing a costume and having a real superhero name to protect their identity.

The Real Life Superhero (RLSH) groups are trained in martial arts, basic first aid, and conflict resolution through scenario training. If there are more serious incidents like rape and assault, RLSH members make citizen’s arrests as well as keeping the victim safe and calm while calling 911. The RLSH movement believes that the costumes help in the fact that they deflect away from the conflict and puts the attention on the superhero and not on the victim or the impending problem.

So who are members of these groups? Believe it or not, the members of these groups consist of security officers, students, and former military members. Inspired by their favorite comic book characters, RLSH is trending in major cities and catching on around the world. It is the chance for people to not only live out their comic book and superhero fantasies, but it is also a legal way to help their community and create a positive impact on their fellow citizens.

Around the world, there are actual wealthy philanthropists who throw on costumes and take a bite out of crime. What is even more reassuring is that anyone can be a RLSH, despite maybe not looking like a Hollywood star or having the body of a fitness guru. Most of these heroes want nothing in return except for maybe a shout out in the local newspaper and an interview or two on television. If more people stand up for what is right in their communities, and look like awesome characters while doing it, the world can easily become a better place in just a matter of months.

In this video are real life superheroes who are making positive contributions to their community and helping out their fellow citizens. Yeah, they may look funny in the costumes, but they certainly stand out in a crowd and take away the negativity in this world. Whether they are helping a citizen get home, or comforting a woman after she has been attacked, these people are unique and living the life of a real hero that you would normally see on the big screen or read about in a comic book. There is no prejudice as to who can do it. You can be fat, or not be a fan of certain characters. As long as you have a heart for helping people and a sense of humor, plus being able to work in high pressure and conflict, perhaps you’ll be the next hero on this list.



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