The Cost Of Your Body Parts On The Black Market

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There is no doubt that the human body is one of the most incredible creations on this planet. From intricate design to seamless function, the human body is our vessel, and we get only one. For the majority of us, we strive to live healthy lives and take good care of ourselves so that our bodies can last as long as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone is granted with good health, and often, people are in need of transplants because of injury, disease, or organ malfunction. Because many people die from health ailments, harvesting their organs isn’t always an option. Sometimes those who die from horrific accidents can have their organs harvested if there is no damage. But, more often than not, hospitals are forced to dive into the black market in order to get these life-saving organs. So how much does the average human body cost? Well, we’re looking into the hundreds of thousands. Some body parts are more expensive than others.

There is a running joke with real origins about walking through the black market, being knocked out, and then waking up in a tub full of ice with a missing organ or two. Unfortunately, this joke is a very real reality. Whether people are trying to make money, or save someone’s life, coming across body parts isn’t as easy as heading to your local grocery store.

How much does a hand and forearm cost? Well, about $385. In 1999, the first successful hand and forearm transplant was performed. These particular body parts are in high demand as military veterans are often returning home with missing limbs and want to live a normal life again.

Many of us have been exceptionally broke for a period of time, and may have reverted to selling their blood for some extra cash. Ranging in value between $25 and $335, pints of blood are always in high demand, especially in India. Other parts in the world will ask for blood donations, especially for the rarer blood types. But for those who are strapped for cash, they don’t want to donate. You can easily fill up a tank of gas or get some food for that cost.

If you have a pair of eyeballs that you want to part with, then you can get about $1,525. Over 400,000 corneal transplants are performed every year, but there is new technology and surgical methods being implemented that could lead to whole eyeball transplants in the future. Coronary arteries are also hot items on the black market for the same price. The first successful coronary artery graft was in 1960, and it’s a life-saving transplant, making it very high in demand. If you suffer from Crohn’s Disease, then you are probably aware of the impending fact that you’ll probably need a small intestinal graft in the near future. For over $2500, small intestines are being obtained. These grafts take over 10 hours to attach in surgery, and the recovery time can be well over a year.

We haven’t even touched the major organs like livers, kidneys, bone marrow, and more. Check out the rest of the video and see where your body parts are valued.



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