The Most Strange Superstitions In The World

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A superstition is a untrue and delusional belief that is held by many people. These myths and old wives’ tales make people go out of their way to do certain things in order to avoid scary consequences. Usually there is no proof that these actions will lead to the prevention of something unpleasant, but people still buy into them anyways. Some superstitions are common all around the world, like spilling salt or crossing paths with a black cat, both meaning bad luck. Other superstitions are prone to certain countries, and some people so strongly believe in them that they will do some pretty drastic things. These irrational thoughts have most likely been passed on by preceding generations and are a part of the culture of a place. Whether we like to admit to it or not, we have all fallen victims of believing in a superstition to some degree or another. We may not have voluntarily wanting to step in dog feces and we may not have avoided eating lettuce in the hopes of getting pregnant, but we have probably all tried to prevent breaking a mirror or opening an umbrella in the house.

The superstitions listed in this video are some of the strangest superstitions around the world and yet the people of these respective countries firmly believe in them. People in Italy won’t shower after eating, while South Koreans are scared to fall asleep if a fan is turned on in their bedrooms. We may look upon these silly superstitions as hilarious, but for some it is no laughing matter. Even doctors in both Italy and South Korea insist by these superstitions and warn patients to adhere to them. On the other hand, there are some strange superstitions that we could get behind. Like eating twelve grapes as fast as possible on New Year’s Eve in Spain, in order to be blessed with twelve months of good luck. Stacking friends’ doors with broken porcelain dishes, like they do in Denmark sounds fun. It’s also a great way to show your loved ones how much you care.

As crazy as some of these superstitions seem, it’s nice to feel like you are a part of something, especially if it’s a big aspect of your country’s culture. Everyone can think of that specific superstition that everyone they know believes so adamantly. That’s why a lot of people buy into superstitions, not just because that’s what they were taught to believe but also because it’s fun to feel like you’re involved in something that many others are also included in. As a society, we’re also extremely obsessed with trying to influence and manage things that are out of our control. We also want to be the happiest, healthiest, and luckiest people we can possibly be. Even so, that still doesn’t make any of the strange superstitions that listed in this video any less bizarre and outlandish. But we definitely won’t be mistreating animals anytime soon, because no one wants hairy babies in the future.



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