This 8-Month-Old’s Big Brother Is Sleeping – Just Wait Until You See Her Next Move

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An 8-month-old baby girl named Remi loves to spend time with her big brother, Drew, who is 3-years-old. That’s why when she wanted to play with her big brother, she was very disappointed to find him taking a nap. Rather than wait for him to wake up, Remi took matters into her own hand.

As Mom records on her phone, Remi crawls over to Drew who is sleeping on the couch. Seeing that he’s asleep, Remi begins to poke his lips and touch his arm. She looks back occasionally at Mom to make sure this is okay. Remi is confused why her big brother doesn’t want to play!

Sometimes Drew moves a little bit, confusing Remi even more. He seems to wake up eventually, but then he immediately falls back asleep. Mom then whispers to her, “What happened to Drew? Get Drew.” Finally, she makes a breakthrough, and Drew wakes up from his deep slumber.

You would expect Drew to be annoyed by having his awesome nap disturbed, but instead, this big brother gives his little sister a hug and a kiss, much to Mom’s delight. Isn’t this brother and sister pair just awesome?

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