Top 15 YouTubers That Tragically Died

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The list of YouTubers that tragically died:

Esther Earl – HELLO THERE (…)
Tamisha Ridge – Meesha Booh (…)
Justin Carmical – JewWario (
Monty Oum – Rooster Teeth (…)
Greg Plitt – Greg Plitt (…)
Amanda Todd – TheSomebodytoknow (…)
Jam Sebastian – JamichTV (
Elliot Rodger – Elliot Rodger (…)
Scott Stoked – Element Animation (…)
Daniel Kyre – Cyndago (
Caleb Bratayley – Bratayley (
Talia Castellano – taliajoy18 (
Edd Gould – Eddsworld (
Christina Newman – Christina Newman (…)
Asia McGowan – asiamcgowan (



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