Unbelievable Video on Recent Mass UFO Sightings across World (Why Government Not Letting us know!)

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why won’t the government just be upfront about UFO, I mean its not like everyone in the world hasn’t question the fact that maybe we are not the only living beings in the universe even for just a split second, whether there are microorganisms on a different planet or an extraterrestrial beings from inter-dimensions, I mean for us to say that there is nothing that exist outside of earth is very selfish and ignorant as human beings who rarely think outside of ourselves. Sure few won’t cope with the truth but being deprived from the truth is a lot better however, many wont be surprised because as the government keeps neglecting the topic the more people believe because they keep covering it up, they refuse to admit the truth which eventually is only gonna cause more anarchy if the public finds out by themselves because they will have trust issues rather than the government admit it first.

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