Is Belly Fat Bad For Your Bones?

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Not a lot of people would like to think that weight gain can possibly damage the bone or cause greater risk to the bone health. However, what they would like to follow is the popular belief that suggests carrying excess weight increases risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Perhaps, looking at the grave effects of excess weight on your bone, you should also consider giving it a serious thought. Moreover, to be specific enough, excess belly fat is the worst type of fat that goes against bone health.

Belly fat is really bad for your bones

One research, conducted back in 2012, culminated that obese men who carry more of their fat deep in their belly are at a greater risk of weak bones and fractures than obese men who have more fat located just below the skin around their thigh and buttocks areas. Putting it statistically, it was said then that men with belly fat would be 25% more likely to break a bone than the other men.

Moreover, newer research on the same subject has also come up with deeper revelations. It reportedly showed a direct relationship between the excess fat deep in your belly and around your organs, known as visceral fat, and lower bone mineral density. In plain words, the more the belly fat, the lesser the chance of having high bone density.

Tips to build healthy bones

To attain health bones, you should opt for fresh, raw whole foods that maximizes natural minerals intake. You need healthy sun exposure (vitamin D) along with regular, weight-bearing exercise. Focus on increasing the amount of vitamin K2, nuts, seeds, organic meats and eggs, and raw organic unpasteurized dairy for calcium and other nutrients intake. The more of your diet you consume RAW, the better nourished you will be. Minimize sugar and refined grains.

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